February 22, 2018

Glue Scraper

Got a glue scraper?  It is one of the handiest tools in your woodshop.  One of the no-no’s in woodworking is to never try to wipe off the excess glue with a dry or wet rag.  It will spread the excess into the wood pores which will require much more sanding and make staining difficult.  Simply let it dry and then use a glue scraper to remove the excess.  Buy a good glue scraper that you can apply pressure with both hands and one that the blade can be resharpened.  Keep it sharp and clean.  It’s very easy to scrap the glue off of joined boards and then just leave the glue on the scraper.  Once it drys, it will be much more difficult to get off and will result in a dull blade because the sharp edge is coated with dried glue.  Take the time to wash it off with warm water and wipe it dry.  It also never hurts to put a little light oil on the blade to keep it from rusting.  Scraping dried glue off a well joined board is almost as much fun as picking dried glue off your hands.

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