July 23, 2017

Adding a Soft Closing Feature to Your Router Table Top

Router Table Shock Absorber


DIY Inexpensive Router Lift

American Woodworkers shared some plans a while back on how to make your own router lift for your router table. The plans they shared were great and the router lift worked out perfect. But early on in our use of the new lift, we realized that there is a potential hazard of having the top of the router table tip and slam down on you while you’re changing the router bit, cleaning up sawdust, making adjustments, etc. [Read more…]

17 Woodworking Router Tips to Make Your Projects Easier

17 Woodworking Router Tips to Make Your Projects Easier

There are some jobs that all of us dread because they are just plain difficult. Other jobs require a tool that you haven’t invested in yet. Luckily, there are millions of other woodworking professionals and enthusiasts out there finding ways to make projects easier. At Woodshopbits, we love finding these helpful tips and sharing them with you.

Today, we found these 17 router tips from American Woodworker.com. If you’re like us, at least one of these tricks will have you saying, “ahhh, that’s a great idea.” [Read more…]

Fold Away, Bench Top and Floor Router Table Ideas

Fold Away, Bench Top, and Floor Mounted Router Tables
DIY Router Tables

Router tables provide a great way for woodworking enthusiasts to convert a potable router into an invaluable custom woodworking tool. You can do some awesome projects by mounting a portable router to a table and making it a stable and more permanent woodworking tool. [Read more…]

Router Table Extension

Why do most table saws have an extensions on them but you very seldom see an extension of a router table or shaper cutter? A small table top on a router table makes it very difficult to manage a larger or longer workpiece often making it unsafe as well.  Router table tops need to be large enough to support your work.  This is the same reason extensions are added to table saws.  If you are building your own router table, don’t settle for the normal sized table.  Add an extension similar to the router table in the picture or design your own.  It’s much more important to have the additional surface space on the in-feed side of the table than the out-feed side.  For better utilization of the extra table top space, an additional router plate was installed in this table.  If you have a certain round over bit that you constantly use and an extra router available, it is very quick and easy to mount it to the extra plate and drop it in the extension part when you need it.  Having an extra blank plate to fill in the hole when the router is not needed will keep you form having to adjust the extra router up and down as well.