February 22, 2018

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Please keep posts or articles to 500 words or less.  Anything not woodworking related will be automatically rejected.  If you feel your post or article doesn’t fall within the woodworking categories listed, you are welcome to suggest a new category.  Images must be 400 pixels wide and 600 pixels long.

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  1. Hi there!

    I really love your website, woodshopBits.com, and was wondering if you ever have guest contributors? I work for Modernize.com and we would love to write something 🙂 Over the past few months, we’ve written for The Huffington Post and About.com and I think we can provide some pretty awesome content for your readers.

    Here are a few samples of our writing:
    Trendspotting: Home Accents in Neon (http://interiordec.about.com/od/AphroChic-About-Decor/ss/Trendspotting-Home-Accents-In-Neon.htm)
    Great Sources for Temporary Wallpaper (http://renters.apartments.com/great-sources-for-temporary-wallpaper)

    Looking forward to working with you!

    Kind regards,


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